Getting Started with CrossFit Anchorage:

Step 1:  Review our schedule of available class times and rates to make sure we are the 

              right fit for you.  

Step 2:  Sign up via our "members login" link under "rates and schedule"

Step 3:  attend our Onramp Classes.  Once all your movements are checked off by our

              coaches you are ready to enter our classes.  

What is Onramp?  Onramp is the process of getting you started with our gym by teaching you the fundamental concepts of the CrossFit training methodology, movement standards, and programming.  During your week of Onramp classes you will be taught the following movements:

Day 1: 

warm up:


​Double Unders


Front Squat

Overhead Squat


Wall Ball Shots

Day 2: 

warm up:


Snatch Deadlift

Box Jumps

Kettle Bell Swings

Pull-Ups, Push, Ups, Rings Dips

Day 3:  

warm up:


Push Press

Push Jerk