Getting Started with CrossFit Anchorage:


What is On-ramp?  On-ramp is the process of getting you started with our gym by teaching you the fundamental concepts of the CrossFit training methodology, movement standards, and our community. 

Currently we are offering an introduction class on most Saturdays 11:15am-12:30am. During this time you will get individualized instruction on the most common movements that are seen frequently in our daily workouts or WOD "Workout of the Day". This session cost and $20 and will be applied to your membership once you join. During this session you will have an opportunity to ask questions, get exposed to the foundational CrossFit movements, and see a variety of modifications that we offer as you're getting started.

Dependent on your comfort level, you can have additional intro sessions prior to starting regular classes. Ultimately, every day is varied in CrossFit. Therefore, your coach will always brief, review, and re-teach movements prior to the actual workout. 

Our coaching staff is passionate about helping others and will assist you in any way to help you become a better mover and reinforce good technique in order to move safely and prevent injury.

Please call or text (907)764-9554 to schedule your session. Please refer to our Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest updates for class schedules as well.