My name is Keila and I am thrilled to take over the helm at CrossFit Anchorage. Having lived in Anchorage, Alaska for 15 years now, I am very involved and committed to helping our community get healthier and living their best life possible. I’m excited about teaching and supporting other’s in their own fitness journey.

Having a CrossFit box is so much more than a place to work out to me. I hope to create and foster an environment that puts an emphasis on making personal connections and investing in others. CrossFit Anchorage will be a place where people will feel valued, encouraged and supported. I hope to promote self-belief, develop self-confidence, and be a positive role model to those around me.

I’m a firm believer that CrossFit is for all ages, shapes, and ability levels! From coaching ages 5- 74 in the last few years, I’ve enjoyed seeing how scaling and adapting movements makes CrossFit accessible to everyone. Ultimately, CrossFit has impacted my life in such a positive way allowing me to be able to care for my special needs son, providing a community and support system, a social outlet, and improving my overall health. Nothing would delight me more than to be able to invest in others and share the gift of CrossFit!

CrossFit Anchorage will provide our members with the highest quality of coaching to assist in helping every member achieve their personal fitness goals and increase the longevity of their life. Ultimately, we are not meant to do life alone...we hope CrossFit Anchorage is the community for you!